Alex and I rarely agree on anything.

What's the name of the joint we went to last night?

I'm a snob, and proud of it.

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It's desperate, I know.

There are no wheels on this suitcase.

Do you know why I call you Shadow?

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This is secret between you and me.

The same thing happened on Monday.

Why I can't register for that class?

I had a terrible stomachache.

We were surprised when we saw him in the office this morning.

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I've never been to Spain.

Such was his surprise that he could not say a word for some time.

Friends can help each other. A true friend is someone who lets you have total freedom to be yourself - and especially to feel. Or, not feel. Whatever you happen to be feeling at the moment is fine with them. That's what real love amounts to - letting a person be what he really is.

If you're going to start a new business, you need a business plan.

So, can I ask you guys something?

You're an evil person.

She likes to go for walks alone.

Repeat each sentence after me.

Dominic had to swallow the frog.


Myron has fallen from grace.


Jaime owns this building.

A synesthet can hear colors and see sounds.

He sent flowers to his mother.


In Japan, a beautiful city was built as early as the eighth century.

I hope that's not true.

The aquifer is contaminated.


You can't force something on me that I don't want to do.


I won't be able to sleep.

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The water was five feet deep.


Who got murdered?

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If I'm late, I'll be scolded.

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My hands are cold.

A gruff voice broke the silence.

Nelken was talking to a group of men gathered around the conference table.

They listened to the lecture very attentively.

This is not a job that a woman can do.


Just how well can masks block the, even smaller than pollen, yellow sand dust? I think it much more of a nuisance than pollen.

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He threw the jacket over his shoulder.

The fifth column begins to leave Russia. The first four "columns" - leading intellectuals, scientists, engineers, real political opposition - have emigrated long ago. Only patriots, old men and gendarmes still remain in the country.

If you want to go with them, you must hurry.

Read this in the evening!

I think the rumor is true.

I didn't think Marilyn could run that fast.

I've been lurking all night, waiting for you to come out of your bedroom.

You should savor this moment.

She has a loose tongue.


She deserved a prize.

Geoffrey wanted me to find out where you've been.

Somebody ought to talk to Manavendra.

Look at it again.

I'll talk to Lori.

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I'll let them go.

Horses are ungulates.

He was roused by a loud knocking at the door.

Instead of being esteemed for these discoveries, he was sentenced to renounce them, or the opinions resulting from them, as a damnable heresy.

They were calm in the face of disaster.

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Since when do you care what anyone thinks?

I just love that kind of stuff.

They are used to the humid climate of the summer.

We welcome those who want to join our club.

You look different somehow.

I've never had any complaints.

I'm not cranky.

The current federal policy prefers junk food to healthy food which we all need.

Father went to a lot of trouble to prepare dinner for our guests.

I can't believe you don't think Ernest is attractive.

He aspired to the position of president.

Straka bought a newspaper and read it on the train on the way to work.

I like hot food, you like cold food, and Jane likes lukewarm food.

There is no one who doesn't desire peace.

It has sentimental value.

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I have to stop that. It's a bad habit.

What I like and what I don't is not important.

Close the curtains! It's because the person living in the house across the street is a voyeur.

There are always some chores to be done around the house.

You're watching AnnoZero, eh?


It wasn't your choice, Floria.

Look at the dog jump.

What action should we take?

Did you see anyone?

He ran to the station and caught the train.

We're very excited about that.

How come Barney is going on a picnic with him?

Thanks, Sherlock.

I think Honda will come tomorrow.


Let's try to have a nice day.


It was an awkward moment.

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She speaks clearly enough to be easily understood.

You can leave now. I'll see to our luggage.

Rich asked Darren if she could speak French.


Try to keep up with him.


I made pancakes for breakfast.

The dress will get crinkled on the way to the ceremony.

I know that you are learning French at school.

Nowadays, a safety zone is not always safe.

Victoria is shaking hands with the manager.

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Rajendra and Guy have broken up.


He has a torn calf muscle.


Adam couldn't seem to put Geoffrey at ease.


It's just a fantasy.

Is that really necessary?

Barcelona is in Spain.

I hope you will like it.

Have you got a red pencil?

I want to wait and see what they propose.

We have to start at once.

Let's get this done.

I was hoping Kerri would help me load the truck.


During summers, I used to go to Miami.

I am thrilled with my new home.

Judge is cold, distant and arrogant.

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Life being very short, you ought not to waste your time.

You should go get some sleep.

I went to London by way of Paris.


I need no justification for my actions.

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Pantelis can already write his own name.

It has begun.

I think it is worthwhile to see this film twice.


You know what Randolph said about Helge, don't you?

Let's check it out.

It's doubtful whether I'll be able to come tonight.

I've got good news for you, Phiroze.

Being seen off by my whole family I shouldered a rucksack, stocked with my trip supplies.

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Will he be here soon?

I am curious about Japanese culture.

Lenora thinks there's a good possibility that Major will agree to babysit the children on Friday night.


We know where you were.

He is an angry drunk.

How many flights to Boston do you offer a day?

Did I catch you at a bad time?

I would've liked to go with you.


We didn't know how to interpret the dismissive gesture that Kees made with his hands.

Can it actually be done?

See if you can find an usher to take this gentleman to his seat.


He is punctual and discrete in his debts.


Catherine was in here the whole time.

Many groups of immigrants have been assimilated into American society.

They wore identical dresses.

I enjoy playing the blues.

A white ship came into view.

Seriously, many of them are not readable.

I think Elaine is mean.

She is playing poker with them.

He pleaded with his mother to let him go to the party.

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This house has a solid foundation.


I had to finish the work by yesterday.

"Where's that superstition from?" "Call it folk wisdom."

Who likes Tony?

Japanese script seems easier on the eyes than Roman script.

I second that idea.

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Are you a man or a frightened rabbit?

A bow is nothing without arrows.

I pressed the button to turn the radio on.


No problem is insurmountable.

What'll you give Celeste?

Roxie is last in line.